Top 10 Make-up Tips That You Should Know

You will learn a lot of makeup tips and tricks from everywhere – inspiration is all around you! Keep an open mind that not every product or tip will work for you – this is completely ok. We all have different eyes and face shapes, different skin colors and different skin types! Don’t worry if you cannot make a certain product or technique work. 

Here’s our top 10 tips for you. Find the ones that work best for you! It may take a bit of time but you will find it! 

Tips # 1

If you don’t have time to do a full glam on yourself or on anybody else, I mean foundation, contouring, brows, lips, lashes… Choose brows, they are the most important! As soon as you “wear” brows your face looks framed!

Tips # 2

The brow game has to be strong! To get perfect brows you have to find where your brow starts by holding a brush upright along the side of your nose.Find your arch by angling the brush upwards through the center of your pupil and get your highest point of the arch and finally find  where your brow should stop by angling the brush towards the end of your eye. The beginning and the end of the brow has to be on the same level, the end might slightly be higher but never lower!

Tips # 3

If you were not born with thick lashes, never fear, you can use this trick: after you prep your eyes with primer use loose powder to set it and apply a bit onto your lashes. When you apply mascara afterwards it will give your lashes extra volume!

Tips # 4

If you decided to go with smokey eyes and decide to highlight your waterline as well to make a bolder effect, do not apply eye shadow, only use eyeliner. First, it can irritate your eye as the eye shadow is chunky and its parts can easily get into your eye. Second, it will not stay there! Use gel eyeliner or eye pencils instead.

Tips # 5

Never leave eye shadows unblended, especially the darker ones. If you decide to work with darker eye shadows and don’t feel very confident that you will be able to blend them really well, use lighter colors as transition shades in the crease first and then application and blending of dark eye shadows will be much easier! 

Tips # 6

One more tip about working with darker eye shadows or eye shadows that fall out really easy. Apply a load of translucent powder under the eye area. If you have fall outs you will dust it off easily with this powder in the end. Or you can even use a napkin, lightly pressed under the lower lash line while you are applying the tricky eye shadow!

Tips # 7

Nothing is more frustrating than when you finish doing your eye makeup and you begin applying mascara and all of a sudden – it gets onto your perfectly blended eye shadows! To get rid of the smudged mascara just wait until the mascara is dry and remove it with a dry Q-tip.

Tips # 8

When you have dry lips none of the lipsticks or colored lip glosses will look good on them. To get rid of dead skin on your lips you can use a scrub, or a toothbrush. Go over your lips a couple of times to “exfoliate” and make them baby smooth. Also never forget to use lip balm or any hydrating lip product afterwards! If you do it regularly your lipstick or lip gloss will always look fresh and properly moisturized!

Tips # 9

If you forgot to bring blush with you on set or you are searching for a more natural looking blush, coming from within, try to use your cream lipstick as a blush. Be sure to blend, of course. Remember, you can not apply it on top of powder, only on bare face or on top of liquid or cream foundation. Otherwise, it will not blend!

Tips # 10

If you still use your brushes to apply and blend out your foundation try to use a beauty blender for blending. Beauty blenders can truly be a game changer! It blends your foundation seamlessly making it melt so invisibly into your skin. It works magic with blending your contouring as well leaving no place for harsh lines!


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