Dear students and customers,

Due to Moving Control Order extension by the Malaysian Government till 12/5/2020, we have not able to provide facial services to you.

In order to keep your skin glowing and healthy, we are giving out a very special promotion for you to DIY Facial At Home.  Read thru below to get the basic process.   





Key to luminous skin: clearing your “canvas” by thoroughly removing debris like dirt, oil and pollution particles that can clog pores and cause dullness. Wash your face morning and night by massaging in a small dollop of face cleanser lightly with fingers in circular motions, working from the inside of the face out for full coverage



STEP 2: EXFOLIATE & Hydrates your skin

One of the best ways to brighten skin and boost its glow both immediately and long term is by exfoliating and applying hydrating mask everyday. Exfoliating is the process removes skin’s outer layer of dead cells so its surface is smoother and clearer and reflects light. However, be very careful in selecting the facial scrub. The key to a proper exfoliation is gentle buffing with smooth particles, otherwise you will cause micro trauma to your skin. Choose a high quality natural facial scrub. We recommend Milky Moisture Scrub.

Once you choose your scrub, take a small amount and in small circular motions gently buff your skin for two minutes. Always work in upward motions and again be very gentle. Wash the exfoliator off with warm water and prepare for MASK TIME!


Lack of hydration makes your complexion dull and even accentuates wrinkles. 

Apply super hydrating serum or firming peptide serum to replenish hydration and treat skin problems. 

Look for high quality skin care ingredients like peptides serum.

We recommend you to try out Active Firming Peptide Serum that inspired by the advanced science of epigenetics and the biomimetic power of active plant lipids, this luxuriously lightweight micro-serum formulated with certified organic ingredients and firming peptides is designed to restore the appearance of firmness and skin elasticity.

Active Firming Peptide Serum Can be applied morning and/or evening as an intensive treatment under your moisturizer to repair wrinkles, reduce dark sports and builds skin-firming collagen.  Pump a small dose onto fingertips and massage gently over face.  Avoid eye area.


The last step to complete your facial at home is to apply toner, moisturizer and UV protection. 

Toner ( Hydrating Moisturie Midst)  is to keeps the skin hydrated, supple and balanced ph all day long. 

After toner, apply Skin Hydrating Cream (our moisturizer) to instantly hydrates and moisturizes, conditions and nourishes throughout the day.

Lastly, apply UV Protection SPF55 a protective daytime UV Sun Protection sunblock that blocks UV damage to help prevent future spots from forming.

Check out below for the products you need.