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Enter the makeup industry with confidence and then dive into more complex techniques to enhance your abilities as a Makeup Artist.

Course Outline

Unit A : Intro to Professional Make-up
  • Make-up career opportunities
  • Tips for success as a professional make-up artist.
  • Safe and sanitary makeup practices
  • Brush types and proper cleaning of brushes
  • Skin types and skin conditions
  • Preparing the skin for makeup application
Unit B : Color Theory and Complete Make-up Application
  • Color theory basics and how to apply it to makeup
  • Blending practices
  • Applying eye makeup, including:
    • Brow shaping
    • Basic eye shadow application
    • Eyeliner application
    • Lash curling and mascara application
  • Perfecting and defining the face
  • Corrective makeup
  • Perfecting the skin
  • Blush, highlight, & contour application
  • Makeup removal techniques
Unit C : Bridal Make-up and more
  • The 4-step eye makeup with transition to smokey eye
  • Daytime makeup application
  • Evening makeup application
  • Transitioning from daytime to evening makeup
  • Applications for diverse clients
  • Teen makeup
  • Working with pregnant clients
  • Makeup for mature skin
  • Male makeup application
  • Types of bridal makeup applications
  • Celebrity makeup applications
  • 20th and 21st century makeup trends
  • Trendy makeup applications
  • Celebrity-inspired makeup applications
Unit D : Advanced Make-up Techniques
  • Fantasy makeup application
  • Runway makeup applications
  • Transitioning a makeup look to Avant Garde
  • Editorial Makeup Applications
  • Makeup applications for TV & Film
  • Creating a Film/TV character
  • Tattoo cover-up
  • Creating a bruise
  • Makeup applications for theater and live performance
  • Stage makeup
  • Character makeup
  • Special Effect Makeup
  • Theater makeup design & application
Unit E : Bridal Hair Styling Techniques

Hairstyling for

  • Basic Hair Pin Setting, Curling
  • Fashionable Princess Hair Style
  • French Romantic Style
  • Elegant Braids Hair Style
  • Pure Noble Hair Style
  • Veil Setting/Hair Accessories Placement
  • Short-Hair Elegant Style

Theory and Practical

  • Hair Sectioning
  • Teasing, Bunning, Roll, Twist, Chignon Techniques
  • Hair Set with Roller
  • Hair Set with curling tongs
  • Comb out Techniques
  • Braids styling –Dutch braids
  • Braids styling –French braids
  • Braids styling – side braids
  • Plait styling – twist braids
  • Plait styling – fish bone braids
  • Hair extension – wig application
Unit F : Business Branding and Online Marketing
  • Working at a makeup counter
  • Starting your own business
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Competitor research
  • Defining your target market
  • Building your brand
  • Building your portfolio
  • Working with clients
  • Professional behavior
  • Building your online professional profile


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