What is a Pigmented Skin ?

This is a condition that causes the skin to discolour, also known as hyperpigmentation. It presents as either light or dark patches on the skin. It is the result of hormonal balances and/or extended sun exposure and consequently proves to be difficult to treat.

This skin discolouration is as a result of increased levels of melanin in the skin. Common causes are injury, sun damage and hormonal changes (known as melasma). However, please note that birthmarks and freckles are a different type of pigmentation, because they are genetically determined.

Pigmented Skin Treatments 

Achieve a bright and glowing complexion with Malswisse Skin Brightening Treatment. This treatment is designed to boost overall skin radiance to prevent ageing pigmentation

Treatment Benefits

  • Increase skin radiance and clarity
  • Reconditions for an even skin tone
  • Increases skin textural softness
  • Intensely hydrates skin
  • Prevention of dark spots formation
  • Prevention of pre-ageing and stimulate collagen production

Treatment Duration : 120 mins

Special First Trial Price RM68