What is a Combination Skin ?

If you have combination skin, then you know what the term “T-zone” means. In fact, you may sometimes feel like your skin has a split personality—oily with large pores on the forehead, nose, and chin, and dry and sometimes even flaky on the cheeks and under the eyes. Many people have this skin type. It may need slightly different care in different areas.

Combination Skin Treatment Recommendation

Those with combination skin may struggle to find the right skin care and treatment. The key is balance: finding products that offer extra moisture to already dry areas, without increasing shine and oil in others.

Skin Brightening and Refining Treatment  has been designed to brighten, soothe, restoring vitality process of awakening to enhance your skin’s balance and harmony. This is a great treatment for overall skin radiance, hydration and rejuvenation to get an instant fresh-faced look.

Key Treatment Benefits

  • Improve skin hydration and texture
  • Reconditions for an even skin tone
  • Increase skin radiance and clarity
  • Increase skin immunity and promote detoxification

Treatment Duration : 120 mins

Special First Trial Price RM68