Kepentingan Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia ( SKM)


SKM stands for Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia which is a government certified certification for Malaysian Skills workers under Ministry of Human Resource – Department of Skills Development. 

This certification offers five (5) levels of authentication:

hand icon Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 1

hand icon Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 2

hand icon Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3

hand icon Diploma in Skills Malaysia (DKM) Level 4

hand icon Advanced Diploma Skills Malaysia (DLKM) Level 5




  • This Skills Certification is recognized by industry in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan and Internationally.
  • Malaysian Skills Certification provides a wide range of employment opportunities to individuals
  • And it enhanced individual career path and personal growth opportunity with competency on area of their expertise in the global market
Benefits to individuals
  • Opportunity to gain further recognition and satisfaction and motivation for self-development;
  • Award of Certificate within a short period of time (no need to attend classes / training / sit for tests), and
  • Able to contribute to career development.

Benefits to employers

  • Raise productivity and performance of the company;
  • Saving of costs for employee training and certification, and
  • Improve company image

Benefits to the country

  • Increase the number of qualified skilled workers;
  • Generate growthinthe industrial sectorin the country with an increase in skilled workers
  • Improve the country’s image in the eyes of the world in terms of goods and services produced, and
  • Attract foreign investors to invest in the country


The Malaysian Skills Certification may be obtained through by three (3) methods:

1. Through Training in a Recognised Institution

Through training programmes at JPK accredited centres for specific fields and skill levels that have been accredited.

2. Through Industry-Oriented Training (SLDN)

Through apprenticeship with the National DualTraining System (SLDN) conducted by industries and skills training institutes.

3.Through Accreditation of Prior Achievement (PPT)

Obtaining the Malaysian Skills Certification through past experience (work or training). The candidate is required to submit proof of his skills competency which will be assessed by the Assessing Officer and approved by the External Verification Officer appointed by JPK.


Eligibility Requirements for Malaysian Skills Certification

The minimum requirements for candidates to join the Malaysian Skills Certification Accreditation Method training through a recognized Training Institute are:
yes Ability to speak and write in both Bahasa Melayu and English.
yes Must have passed a lower SKM level before signing up for a higher SKM level in the same field.
(*However, the Accreditation Centre may prescribe other conditions for its trainees)

To check if you are eligible for Malaysian Skills Certification, please click whatsapp to 0168883495 for further inquiry. 


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