Can I register online ?

Yes, you can register online through our official website and book a date with us. You shall receive a call on the confirmation of your class within 24 hours.

Is there any specific requirement or minimum age requirement ?

No, there is no minimum age requirement or any other requirement for you to enroll any of our course.

How do you teach One-on-One ?

YES, we will focus and teach 1-to-1 basic. We may have different batches going on in a class, range from 4 to 8 people max. However, our tutor will teach 1-to-1 based on student’s attendance and progression records. 

Is your certificate being recognized ?

YES, we offered both local government  and International recognized certificate –  certificate from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia – Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) certificate, CIDESCO Diploma Certificate and ISO Certificate. 

When is your next intake ?

We have new intake almost every month. Students are required to enroll 2 weeks in advance before the start date. Please contact us to confirm the exact date.

Is there any hidden cost ?

No hidden. You can get a list of fee that you need to pay/buy from our course consultant, which include tools and accessories and exam fees.

Can I use my own product ? Or use other brand ?

Like most of the academy, we only allow student to use in-house brand because it is easier to teach. Our syllabus is based on Standardize Education System, so student must use same products to learn. It is easier for student to learn in this way. However, we do advise student on other brands products that are good to use in the classroom.

Can I upgrade or change my course half-way ?

Yes, you can upgrade to the course you prefer and you only need to pay the difference plus upgrade fees. Detail please refers to our Course Upgrade Diagram. However, in case of downgrade, course fee will not be refunded.

After I enroll the course, do I still need to buy any extra products ?

For Make-up course & Hair Styling course, you need to have extra budget to purchase tools and accessories (some may buy it outside) like makeup box, brush, extra cosmetics, hair accessories, combs, wax, hair box, hair spray, wigs, hot roller set, pins, etc range from approximately RM1,500 to RM2,500. Bear in mind that such tools you buy can last very long and these tools can help you practice your profession as Make-up Artist. For Beauty Course, the basic skincare products are inclusive in your package; you only need to prepare RM600-RM800 for the tools. For Nail Art Course, all basic tools are included in your course, you need to prepare RM500-RM600 for additional colors and accessories.  All of the above Courses are not inclusive of graduation fee and exam fee.

Is your course fee competitive ?

Well, it depends on what you compared to. We believe Quality is more important than price! Malswisse is very committed to deliver quality teachings from the very basic to professional level. We provide high quality cosmetics and natural skin care products imported from Switzerland and US to be used in the class. We also provide a Grand Graduation and Makeup Competition for student upon completion of their course, to showcase their talent and artwork. You can also sit for International Exam to earn an International Certificate awarded by ISO, equal valet or higher certificates. We would say our course fee is one of the lowest and the most reasonable in its kind in Malaysia.

Are there any discount for student or graduates ?

Yes! Malswisse’s students and graduates are eligible for 50% off any additional courses of equal or lesser value. These discount will automatically deducted when you enroll in more than one course. If you’re already enrolled and you’d like to join a new course, simply contact us to receive your discount!

Not only that, all of Malswisse’s students and graduates are eligible for 30% off for all skin care and makeup products.

Can I pay by installment ?

Yes, you can choose to pay the Course fee by installment plan. However you can only start your course upon full payment is made.For more information, please contact us to speak with a specialist. Malswisse’s support team will help you find a payment plan that’s right for you!

How do I know who is my tutor and what is their qualification ?

All Malswisse tutors are well-trained with good attitude, skill and knowledge. They are qualified and experienced in their profession, with at least 4 years of teaching experience with Certificates awarded.

Will you find job for us after our course completion ?

We have many contacts in bridal houses, beauty salons, nail salons, cosmetic companies, media and advertising company, etc. We will arrange interview for our student if there is vacancy available. 

Is Malswisse an accredited beauty school?

Yes—Malswisse School of Beauty & Wellness is accredited by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) as training provider as well as Jabatan Perbangunan Kemahiran (JPK) Malaysia government as pusat bertauliah and pusat latihan kecantikan ( beauty training center)