Corrective Make-Up For Deep Skin Tone


Beauty is diverse. No one is superior to another to underrepresent people in beauty from other cultures just because they do not fit in what the denominated culture has portrayed and influenced the beauty industry for years.

We should end the idea that applying whitening or bleaching cream or using lighter shades of the foundation is what defines beauty and should start embracing our culture and our skin tone.

Makeup is an art, a medium to express yourself which helps to accentuate your best features. Makeup should complement your hues and must not change your identity or culture, well unless its a cosplay makeup.

However, people with under eye dark circles, spots or hyperpigmentation may have difficulties to have their makeup to complement their hues. For example, when the foundation applied gives a grey cast or uneven tone with the makeup.  This problem is common among people with a deep skin tone.

With that said, we’ve got some tips on how to correct your makeup for deep/ tan/ olive skin tone with different types of concealers.

Before we could elaborate any further, a concealer is a cosmetic similar to a foundation but with a thicker consistency to hide the hyperpigmented area by blending into the surrounding skin tone. Whereas, a colour corrector concealer has different shades mainly orange, purple, green and yellow that helps to neutralize the redness, darkness or any other imperfections on the skin


  1. Orange concealer

With that said, the number one tip is to correct your under eye, area with hyperpigmentation (which is usually around your mouth, nose, and chin) or any dark spots with an orange concealer corrector which doesn’t have a blue hue.

Make sure the colour of your orange concealer corrector falls somewhere in between the colour of your skin tone and the deepness of your discolouration.  For an alternative, you can also use your red lipstick which doesn’t have a blue hue as your under eye dark circle and hyperpigmentation colour corrector.

2) Less is more

The number two tip would be “less is more’’. When applying the colour corrector, be sure to take less amount and only apply and blend on the area needed. Be sure that once the colour corrector s blended onto the affected area, your skin should somewhat look even or close to being even.

3) The minimalist

 After using the orange corrector, you could use a concealer of your skin tone or the foundation alone or CC/ BB cream to even out with the colour corrector. Apply some powder, blusher, lipstick, mascara, do your brows and you’ve achieved the minimal makeup look!

4) Not to even but to brighten

This step is optional where after you’ve applied the foundation, you could use a concealer of a shade or two lighter than your foundation to brighten your under eye and T-zone. Remember, you only use a lighter shade to brighten your under eye and T-zone and not to even out your skin tone. With that, you could use a setting powder to set your base and do the rest of your makeup

Voila! You’ve just achieved a clean, natural base without changing your hue or your culture!

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