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Master Your Physical, Mental & Health Workshop

你喜歡也好,厭惡也好,無可否認,这是再次見證西方軟實力衝擊; 再通过西医的极力宣传 ‘過重和肥胖’ 是一种疾病!!且遭「污名化」甚至「妖魔化」,讓现代人 见肥思病 ,击 肥 如仇!! 但有想想中国绝色美女杨贵妃到底有多肥吗!??肥就是有福气 这句华人讲了那么久到底是什麼意思你又知道吗?为什么 减肥 的運動提倡了那么就,肥胖的人却越来越多。。。很多人什至都搞不懂为什么 少吃也肥,不吃也肥,连只是喝水也会肥!!! 更加别提有些人经历了减肥后反弹的痛苦。。。。。。。 這個演座會将与你分享 肥胖 为什么真的是你的福气!!你將會明白原来我们的身体其实在尽它的本分为我们做的防护机制。 注册研讨会,请在下面填写

Kepentingan Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia ( SKM)

WHAT IS SKM? SKM stands for Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia which is a government certified certification for Malaysian Skills workers under Ministry of Human Resource – Department of Skills Development.  This certification offers five (5) levels of authentication:  Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 1  Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 2  Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3 […]

Importance of Sunscreen/SPF/ Sunblock during summer (or throughout the year)

Suns out, blue skies, hair up, denim shorts, bright colours, sunnies on, concerts and ice-creams..oohhh don’t we all just love the summer vibes! As fun as it sounds to be out in summer, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen! The sun is one of the most important sources of energy as it is the prime source […]


JUNE 2019 Professional Bridal Make-up Artist Examination IN order to become a qualified professional bridal make-up artist, all students in Malswisse will need to meet the requirement of passing the Professional Bridal Make-up and Hair Styling examination. We asked some questions to our very own students what was their current feelings and here are what […]

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