BRIDAL MAKEUP Looks that suit bride best


A bridal makeup look should always be radiant, dewy and natural yet has to emphasize the best features of the bride. Makeup is not merely about putting on colours onto the skin, but also correcting imperfections. Ideally, this is done using minimal products yet the transformation looks amazing.

However, the most important question is that what differs a natural bridal makeup look from a daily makeup look that we wear to work or school or to the grocery store. Because most of the brides want to look themselves on their wedding day but neutral, brown, and pale lip colours can look washed out in photographs.

1)    Flawless skin finish

Foundation primer, colour corrector or an eyeshadow base are the products that you may not wear for an everyday makeup look but using these products for your wedding makeup is a worthwhile insurance policy. 

It is important to prep and prime your skin which fills in large pores and fine lines before applying makeup. It is also important to colour correct and conceal your dark eye circles or veins or spots before applying foundation.

With that, to achieve the flawless skin finish on the bride, be sure to use a long-lasting foundation which is sweat-proof, tear-proof and waterproof  that gives radiant, dewy and natural look but make sure the center of the face which is the T-zone is matte which can be achieved with a good translucent or setting powder, and then add colour to the cheeks and lips to give them a glow.


2)    The eye is the window to the soul

After applying the base on the lid, correcting and concealing the under eye, choose the right tone to complement the eye colour.

Don’t go too dark on the crease and consider a cream eyeshadow that sets well. Nothing harsh, just keep the intensity of the colour closest to the lash line by tracing the shape of their eye with a  dark brown eyeshadow powder which helps to create a smokey eye effect that makes the eyes appear bigger and more open.

Apply false lashes which creates a more fluttery look with a waterproof mascara which is an obvious requirement that prevents from ruining your makeup from all the happy tears. Finish the eye make-up off with a highlighter shade on the brow bone to make the eyes really pop which subtly draws attention to the eyes.

3) The hair is the crowning glory

Gorgeous hair is an instant confidence boost but when it comes to wedding hairstyles, it is important to consider what works the best with the atmosphere of the celebration, the dress and the overall comfort level of the bride.

A soft, relaxed, romantic updos or neat, sleek, braided hairstyles or any classic styles based on the bride’s preferences can be achieved with good styling tools, hairspray, and a lot of hairpins.

Also, don’t forget to add the veil or tiara or to decorate it with flowers or hair accessories to make your bride feel complete and fabulous on her wedding day.


4) Less is more

A bridal makeup look should always be radiant, dewy and natural which emphasizes the best features of the bride and it is different from a daily makeup look because every single application needs to be detailed.

To achieve this look we should invest in minimal but long-lasting cosmetic products and in some applicators and hair tools that help in providing superior wear that lasts through the wedding day and night.


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