Personal Make-up & Hair Styling Course

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This is a fun learning class. Feel confident choosing the perfect products for all ages/skin types and look youthful, healthy and flawless every day!

Course Content

Understanding on your skin needs
  • Understanding about individual skin types and skin conditions.

  • Daily skin care regime.

  • Skincare and cosmetic ingredients.

  • Skin preparation before makeup

Personal Make-Up
  • Learn how to hide facial discoloration or skin tone imperfections and face shape analysis
  • Establishing your correct foundation color
  • Choosing the best eyebrow shape to complement face shape
  • Types of eye shapes and complementary eyeliner design
  • Eye shadow colour coordination and selecting colours for casual, office, and formal looks
  • Techniques of lip liner and lipstick application
  • Latest techniques of face shaping, contouring and blusher application
  • Working with professional makeup brushes
  • Application of concealer cream.
  • Loose powder for long lasting makeup.
  • How to apply make-up for every day
  • How to enhance your best features
  • How to adapt your make-up for evening/special occasions.
Personal Hair Styles
  • Hair theory covering hair textures and types
  • Tools and equipment (brushes, hair straightener, tongs)
  • Short / Medium hair styles and techniques
  • Long Hair styles with ponytail and without ponytail
  • Creating cascading curls using curler wands / tongs

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