All Skin Types Need Cell-Communicating Ingredients

What is Cell-communicating ingredients ?

Cell-communicating ingredients are ingredients that have a direct impact on helping skin cells functions as younger healthy cells would. Medical journals refer to these as “cell-signaling” substances.

Whereas the antioxidants described above work by interfering with a chain-reaction process that results in free-radical damage, the ability to tell a skin cell to look, act and behave better.

Cell-communicating ingredients are vital because antioxidants on their own lack of the ability to “tell” a damaged skin cell to behave more normally. Years of unprotected, or insufficiently protected, exposure the skin to the sun causes abnormal skin cell production due to ongoing damage to cellular DNA. Usually the skin regenerates itself with normal, round, even and intact skin cells. But when damaged cells reproduce, the new cells are uneven and flat, thus function inadequately. This is where cell-communicating ingredients such as below have the potential to help restore healthy skin-cell production.

  • niacinamide
  • retinol
  • peptides
  • adenosine triphosphate


Every cell has an almost immeasurable series of receptor sites for different substances. These receptor sites are the cell’s communication hookups. When the right ingredient for a specific site shows up, it attaches itself to the cell and transmits information. In the case of skin, this means telling the cell to start doing the things a healthy skin cell should be doing. If the cell accepts the message, it then shares the same healthy message with other nearby cells in a continuing process.

s long as there is an open receptor site and an appropriate, healthy signaling substance is present, a lot of beneficial communication takes place. However, a cell’s communication network is more complex than any worldwide telephone system ever made. The array of receptor sites and the substances that can make a connection comprise a huge, complex and varied group, with limitations and convoluted pathways. 

By understanding cell communicating ingredients, skin disorders, skin diseases may be treated more effectively.

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