JUNE 2019 Professional Bridal Make-up Artist Examination

IN order to become a qualified professional bridal make-up artist, all students in Malswisse will need to meet the requirement of passing the Professional Bridal Make-up and Hair Styling examination.

We asked some questions to our very own students what was their current feelings and here are what they answered:

Muah Carrie- Nervous and Happy at the same time, literally mixed feelings! :0 haha

Muah Revathy-Very cool, very relaxed 😉

Muah May- Very relaxed as if I‘ve just put down a heavy stone! Haha

Muah Corrine- So relieved and we’re gonna partyyy after this 😀

Well, to summarize here’s our 10 tips on How to overcome Professional  Bridal Makeup Exams Anxiety?


1)    Prepare well

Practice! Practice! Practice! Always practice ahead and know your style and work with what you’re comfortable with or with the outcome that makes you happy. Also, don’t forget to time yourself and pace yourself within the time given for the actual exam.

Listen to your tutor and grasp their comments and critics and work on yourself for the betterment of your makeup skills.

2)    Know your tools well enough

Familiar yourself with all the makeup kits and tools in the way such that your hands would reach the tools or kits before your mind says to. The tools and kits meant were brushes, cosmetics and hair tools or ornaments.

3)    Know your model well enough

Know your model well enough to incorporate the look you wish to create according to what your model is comfortable with

it is very important to select the right model who can pose or portray your artwork or hard work on that day

Know what type of eye makeup suits your model the best, which part of her face has to be accentuated or needs  contouring but be sure to never run out of your signature style

Therefore, it is very important to know your model well enough if she or he can bring the bridal makeup look that you’ve visualized in your mind to live.

4)    Get help or watch some self-talk videos

Get some tips from watching the famous youtube makeup artists videos or from reading their blogs on their worst-case scenarios and how they laugh about it.

Trust me when I say no one had it easy and every famous Makeup artist or fashion icon has hit rock bottom before they could rise up and shine.

5)    Use relaxation strategies

Do some deep breathing like inhale through your nose for the count of 4 and exhale through your nose again for the count of 7 or get some help on guided imagery or visualization.

However, it is necessary for you to consider to use these strategies in the week leading up to the test and during the testing situation.

6)    Stay healthy

The makeup artists might start to neglect their physical health as it would be hard for them to find time to eat right, sleep well or even to stretch when faced with the preparations of the bridal exams

But the least you could do is to be sure you’ve had an adequate amount of sleep so sleep early the night before the exams. Stretch a bit as it is required for you to stand for a long period of time. Eat adequately nutritional breakfast but be sure to avoid food that might give bad breath like onion, garlic or pickles. Also, avoid caffeine as it would contribute anxiety.

7)    Arrive early

Arrive at your school for at least one hour before the exams.

Make sure your model is wearing the right attire or costume. Also, be sure to have their hair curled before the exam begins to save time as it is the base of the hairdo.

Prepare and lay out your tools and kits. Check if you’ve brought the important tools and kits for the exam. Because in that way if you left anything at home, you can always go back to get it and still be on time for your exam.

Familiarize yourself with the vibe in the room but be sure not to let your vibe down and just stay calm.

8)    Focus during test

Do everything you can to maintain your focus.Take deep breaths and Relax…if you ever feel like the candidate next to you is doing better, just stop and regroup and immediately take a deep breath. Focus on your work. Feel good about what you’re doing right there, about yourself and your skills. Cut the thought of comparing your work with other makeup artist candidates because every makeup artist has their own signature style.

Remember to take your time but check your watch to pace yourself.

9)    Accept a little anxiety and expect setbacks

Having a little bit of anxiety before the exam is a good thing because that is when you’ll feel motivated to give your best or all you’ve got but be sure it is still manageable.

Don’t have high expectations all the time and do expect little roadblocks along the way. Don’t be surprised if the outcome you’ve expected fail to turn out in reality because that’s OKAY!  There is always room for improvement. So, avoid having any resistance in your thought and just learn to relax.

10)    Reward yourself after the test

Take time to relax and clear your mind. Don’t dwell or worry about how you did or how you did not get the results you expected.

Give it a break! Hangout with your bunch, go for a dinner or a drink, have fun or just go on a makeup shopping spree with your bunch!

Always..always remember why did you even start? it’s your passion for makeup! Just have fun working and investing in your passion! You’re doing great!!



Congratulations to our new graduates of Professional Bridal Makeup Artists! 

You gals are awesome!!!


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